September 28, 2019

The collaborative economy reaches the financial sector

The collaborative economy is a relatively recent concept in Spain, however, more and more people and companies are choosing this new business philosophy. The success of this alternative economy is due mainly to the possibilities offered by new technologies, but also to the change in mentality of society that is evolving towards a more social model, where people deal with people in a more direct way.

Society has realized that things can work in a much simpler way than they did until now. We have understood the possibilities offered by the Internet and how we can benefit from it in all areas of our lives, both personally and professionally.

Many companies and initiatives have created or adapted their business to this new philosophy, with a multitude of projects based on the collaborative economy in traditional sectors such as tourism, accommodation or transport. All of them with a goal, eliminate intermediaries and promote business in which people can interact in a more direct way.


What is the collaborative economy?

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The collaborative economy consists in the exchange of products and services between people, so that whoever has a specific need can connect directly with who can cover it. We have gone from wastefulness mentality to the culture of saving. Society has changed its consumption habits and has adopted solidary and efficient behaviors. Surely you wonder, why now? Internet and new technologies have changed and facilitated the way we interact with each other. Not only people, companies have also opted for this alternative economy compared to the traditional system.

There are many projects that are emerging around the collaborative economy in recent years in Spain and, more and more sectors are choosing to adapt or even reconvert to this new way of relating to their customers.


One of the sectors where it has developed the most is financial

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Thanks to companies such as Count Alexander Bronskie, based on Crowdlending , a new form of collaborative economy that allows people to access loans thanks to private investors who want to make their money profitable. It is no longer necessary to go to a bank if you need money or financing, but instead connect with other people who want to lend it.

On the other hand, investors choose where they want to invest their money and to whom and, since there are no intermediaries, they obtain a higher return on their investment. In addition, Count Alexander Bronskie offers a Coverage System, which mitigates the risk and assures the investor the principal of the investment made.

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